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Songs From: Jeff Kellem (composerjk)

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Twitter: @composerjk
Instagram: @composerjk

Pianist (with a lovely 51" Fandrich & Sons 130V upright piano), composer, past has included analog synthesis, tape splicing, guitar, electric bass, a little flute, handbells, vocals, etc. Will be learning cello soon, though not recording with it, of course. Played keys in the first incarnation and album with Z.O.N.K. when it was more of a groovy funk rock band; they later morphed into a fun trip-hop band.

Returning from NAMM 2019 (with a new toy that might be used on recordings) and a dance + typeface design trip in San Diego, so will get a late start.

As a type designer, working on text fonts and music notation fonts (in progress). My 1960s IBM 1403 mainframe line printer inspired font 1403 Vintage Mono Pro has a specimen online.

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