Monkeys and Clowns

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by: Derek Greenberg
uploaded: 02/14/2009
 Never write songs about monkeys and clowns
That's an unbreakable rule
If you write songs about monkeys and clowns
No one will think that you're cool

These are the words that must never be sung
Lyrically, they are taboo
If you want to defy it
I dare you to try it
Then people will ostracize you

How many songs about monkeys and clowns
Are loved and respected by all?
Only a few have been turned into Muzak
That plays every day in the mall.

If you are trying to write a hit song
These are the words you should shun
Monkeys and clowns
Always generate frowns
Though I have to admit they are fun  
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Monkeys and Clowns
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