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by: seela
uploaded: 02/04/2011
 you were alone with your headphones on singing along with
your favorite song
you've had a bag with some clothes and some cash stashed in
your trunk since the day you were born
oooh, what you gonna do?
Off to the beach for a week or two
not just yet I wanna talk to you.  I got a thing that I
can't work through.

I gotta dog in my head just now barking away and I can't put
him down.
You've gotta gun with the safety on.  Give me a key and a
trust so strong
Oooh do you understand?
maybe you can and maybe you can't
you point and you shoot and he's gone with a crack.  hop in
your car and we don't look back now.
I could run away all day long leaving behind what I've left
windows down let it blow through my hair, slide through my
fingers surfing the air
Oooh, never say goodbye!  I don't promise, you never lie
the DJ said "don't go to bed" just turn it up and do what he
says yeah
I was alone with a new distress.  Answer your phone, I'm a
lovesick mess.
Walk to the water let it pull you in, burning your eyes let
it cool your skin.
Oooh, how do you do?
nobody here you can sound off to
why do I say what I might regret? you won't remember, I
can't forget now.  
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