track you down

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/06/2011
Rocks and shells, I'm remembered again
I'm sleeping in while the sun burns off the fog
bringing w/ me, everything I've got
old guitars, a clock and a shepherd dog
dry up the river and breath the water in
before you fly I'm gonna have to crawl

I'm gonna track you down

Skinny kids and flies in the promised land
brittle bones crushed for hotel sand
I run to the fence and call your name
I'll do all the deeds, and you take the blame
I've got trouble and the sense to be w/out
you've got the devil cold-cocked in the mouth

I'm gonna track you down

Hearts & spirits I am crushed again
I stay up while the moon boils in my veins
toss it out and set the can on fire
unfold all the plans & throw them away
I run to the river and drink the water down
choking on my breath I wanna drown

I'm gonna track you down.  (rinse and repeat)
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track you down
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