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by: seela
uploaded: 02/11/2011
 (I'm going to a party...i don't have time to finish or clean
it up...maybe one day...but probably not)

stuff it in your heart, it comes out of your mouth
don't where it come from
pulling it apart, what you can't live w/out
don't know how it got done

if i really wanna understand, i really ought to hold your
hand when you don't wanna be a man.  We'll figure it out.

Pushing back hard, I'm calling you out.
you're fooling no one
Pull it from the yard and stick it in your mouth
we know where it came from

if you don't believe in what you feel
you can't worry what is real
if you're uncertain of the deal, we'll figure it out

Trying to be smart when you're drowning in doubt
don't know how that got done
pulling it apart, what you can't live w/out
yeah, you're tight as a drum

I really wanna understand, wanna show you who I am
don't wanna care about the plan
we'll figure it out.    
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