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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 02/11/2011
wake into a dream
float down the hall
whispers beckon
peer into a room
full of color and sound
sunlight streaming

your eyes rise to greet me
welcome me in
air is full of laughter
drinkng german champagne
take my hand
spin me round the room  
til i fall to the ground

you say someday, somehow
fingers touching one by one
you'll find your way here now
for now 
take my hand and walk along

open my eyes
i'm all alone
just another sunny day
walk down the lane
think i catch your eye
but it's just
a trick of the light

you say someday somehow
strew a path of petals on the ground
you'll find your way here now
for now
take my hand and walk on

close my eyes
heaven stirs inside
but i stumble 
pieces shatter 
how long
til planets align
weave our worlds together

someday somehow
i'll mosaic the pieces together
maybe one day
i'll find my way here now

maybe aching is just opening
like leaves bending toward the light
keep breaking
and breaking
til our resolution is fine     
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