Halfway Through Song A Day

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by: Derek Greenberg
uploaded: 02/16/2011
 Artemis makes landscapes of sound
That put all our souls at peace
Daniel creates such musical gems
They're ready for public release

Bruce plays guitar  with a masterful touch
Expressing what words can't say
It may have been fun
But there's more to be done
We're halfway through Song A Day

Darin composes elaborate works
In dozens of musical styles
Jonathan writes ten songs every day
That guarantee plenty of smiles

And Peter escaped on a plane to Japan
I'm sorry that he's away
It may be a chore
But it's never a bore
We're halfway through Song A Day

I started out all energized
To do what is required
Now I'm old and tired
Very tired.

Seela writes songs that go straight to the heart
And sings like a heavenly choir
Chris tells the truth; he has plenty to say
About people and love and desire

And as for myself, well, I cannot keep up
With the genius I hear each day
I'm honored to be
In such fine company
We're halfway through Song A Day
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