The Best Minute

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/27/2011
Song-A-Day 2011
28 Days
9 songwriters
And this is the best minute of them all...

This minute (thank you Derek and the vegans) 
sums up how joyous it feels to be done with 
Song-A-Day this year - it was professionally, 
personally and emotionally challenging this 
season... I've been "away" with the flu for the last 
10 days and dealing with other challenges as
we all are.  It's interesting to see how the music 
either incorporates or excludes the details of
our daily lives...

Tomorrow, I will exercise the demons in my last 
"morning before work song-a-day session" for 2011.  

I recorded everything in the morning this year 
instead of in the afternoon or late at night.  
Yeah, I know... crazy ...but a different perspective 
and point of view to fuel songs as well. � �    
Tagses: la la la, la la la la (we can link these up later)

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The Best Minute
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