my robot arms

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/28/2011
(fun with sounds)

First i gave a little and then i gave a little more.
i thought it was the giving but really it's the getting back
i adore.
a robot monster from outer space taught my heart just what
to say and that excuse is the very same i still use today.
oh, i've got a machine heart
give me a code to make it start

so i tried a formula that had not been tested for years.
once it was perfected i set out to infect my colleagues and
i watched and waited quietly, caluclating Nth degrees, while
they all drank it happily, none turned into me.
now my robot arms want to love!
the sun and species and heavens above.

to long for discomfort
hope in indifference
feel understanding
and not fear insignificance

First you gave a little and then you gave all you could
fiberglass and plastic and alloys in my chest scorched as if
and glowing in the core of me, you planted the smallest
seed, the sprout cracked through my armory
and I became a tree.
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my robot arms
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