The Dr.

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/02/2012
 did the dr. say your alright and push that water right through your head? did it feel a little crowded as if your thoughts were drowning?  
did the dr. say your alright, pulling numbers out of your arm did you think that you could hold on?  Maybe you can sleep tight now that the dr. says your alright

Are you taking back the spot light?  Gonna shine it wide on the crowd? did it get a little lonely?  ...a little "dark & stormy"? Are you gonna get the word out?  Gonna show them that it's your time?  We hear it coming down the pipeline. You'll be taking back the spotlight now that the dr. says your alright.

Did the dr. say your alright and take a piece of you on the side?  Are you sure he was objective?  Did you leave a little wasted? are  you gonna bring the big guns? Gonna knock it out of the park? We gonna hear your little theme song?  Maybe sing it to the moonlight now that the dr. says you're alright...  
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The Dr.
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