Hammer Reflections

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by: Daniel Berkman
uploaded: 02/05/2012
 On February 4, 2012 Lynda Arnold and I celebrated the cd release of our 
album 'Hammer Inventions' at Salle Piano in San Francisco and performed for 
the second time before a live audience of friends, family and fellow song-a-
day-ers Artemis and Tom Lattanand.

The night was a huge success!
Keeping with the theme of Hammer Inventions and in light of our amazing 
night, I thought I'd return to the HI sound palette for this Song-A-Day post.

Every sound on HI we used was produced by the piano; Prepared piano, 
plucked piano, bowed piano, detuned piano, toy piano, burning piano and so 
on. So, I decided to incorporate much of those sounds on my new track 
"Hammer Reflections" in honor of our big night.

Thank you, Lynda!

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Tagses: piano, hauschka, philip glass, hammer inventions, john cage (we can link these up later)

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Hammer Reflections
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