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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 02/05/2012
 woke up with the melody and lyrics...mood was inspired by
spending the afternoon recording an electric sarod and
violin duo...


in the time it takes to wonder
feel myself pulled undertow
mesmerized by dancing color
begin forgetting what i know

hungry heart
a force to reckon
when desire beckons so

take a chance
follow fever
begin the dance
throw reason overboard
every glance
electricity flows
little lights 
begin to glow

kick inside
beating strong
footsteps follow along

prick of thorn
like a drug
luring back for more

salty dance of ecstasy
calls upon a stormy sea
to go
in the thunder and the rain
begins the skin 
again to glow

no fear of what to come
fisherheart always goes

will it tear apart
will it toss upon the rocks
is it thrill to seek
or a feast to find below

hearts powerful hunger
ever risk another blow

in the time of fading flowers
sleepy eyes
waning power
just flow
weave halo round the moon
let dreamtime
pull you below

let the waves
roll in slow

chant we'll make it home
we'll make it home
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