swim and glitter

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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 02/06/2012
 folky song night at the art-house...

(please forgive the excessively clumsy guitar playing...it's
been a shamefully long time since i picked the poor baby up
and gave her some love ;))

lyrics mainly inspired by emerson's essay on experience

swim and glitter

all things swim and glitter
ghost-like we glide
dearest nature
whisper darling never mind

where do we find ourselves
going to extremes
pass thru moods and colors
beads on a string

sleepy-eyed at noontime
idle on the stair
stretching out above and below
leading lovely nowhere

every ship promises romance
but the one we travel in
so we look to the horizon
where love hangs on every sail

object of love
shimmers with lubricity
slipping thru fingers
love clutch gently

the thousand incantations
whispered in the night
may cauldron shatter
when the real thing arrives

bless the miller
at the bottom of the stream
waiting for those above
to lower the dam  
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swim and glitter
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