Sinking Parts

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by: Tom Lattanand
uploaded: 02/10/2012
 all i want is to believe it's true
to be without a doubt
all i want to do
is make my move
and let the rest play out
you've got all the reasons
and all the proof
and all the clout
so tell me when does
the world come crashing down?

It won't at all
that train
may stall
if doomsday came and went
would i be hosting the event?
i don't think so

the solar flares 
and the astroids
swinging by from outer space
will happen at anytime
and any place
I'm really not bored enough
to buy a stake
in an adapted
out of date  

I won't at all
that train
will stall
if doomsday came and went
i won't be hosting the event
leave me alone

don't pack your bags
or build an arc
or tie me down
to the sinking parts
i don't know when
the end will start
you don't know when
light turns dark
you won't after all
that train will stall
the story's all played out
now it's time to think about
my next song

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