little explosions

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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 02/12/2012
again...forgive the supremely sloppy guitar playing 
(except you jonathan, who i know will celebrate it, thank u
very much dear ;)) - but i'm getting calluses on my
fingers...which always makes me smile :)

my first and only guitar is a gibson j-200, i began my
songwriting adventure with her years ago, and we've been
somewhat estranged over the last several years, so it's
really nice to have a little reunion underway...

little explosions

rise from your pillow
to the battlefield
dragon at the window
gleaming beckons 
was the first bite
bit much to chew
now all around you
little explosions
and landmines

embroidered doorways
silver aluminum
one look from her
could cast you in stone
broken pillars
rubble at your feet
new life arise
from junkyards of history 
little explosions
and landmines

footfall careful down
hardly touch the ground
finger to lip
listen for the sound

a little close to home
it's all right with me
crack the shell
of slumber creeping over me
with little explosions
and landmines
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little explosions
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