The Ground

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by: Daniel Berkman
uploaded: 02/16/2012
 In hope we search the heavens
For the answers
Why they come for some 
But not for me?
Looking up, it's lifeless
But beneath me
Every mystery is
Plain to see
The ground
The ground
Where'd you go, my dear friend?
You've fallen silent
Your breath now merged forever
With the wind
Memories have faded
Soon forgotten
The only thing remains 
Has always been.
The ground
The ground 
All the things we cannot 
Comprehend yet
We suffer for the dreams
We claim are true
But every year awaits
Another harvest 
Everything you seek
Is here for you.
The ground
The ground 
All the flowers
all the oceans
all the mountains
all that's growing
all that's dying
and the history
and  the mystery
all revealed to me
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The Ground
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