Dreams Never End

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by: Chris McDaniel
uploaded: 02/02/2013
Written to honor one of my earliest favorite bands, New Order. My favorite song of theirs is Dreams Never End, which seemed to be used as a catalyst to help communicate their transition from their old Joy Division roots to something new, unknown and exciting. Basically, it's the closing an old door, opens a new one idea. While writing this, I wanted try to do the same thing, communicate letting go of my old haunts, habits, etc, which I'm so grateful for, but still may hold me back from enjoying and building on the new things in my life - all under the similar style of a New Order sound. I've been struggling with putting words for it, but thought it sounds great with just loud guitar jams over it. Hopefully everyone can now just imagine it with their own words about their own similar experiences. Hope you enjoy it!  
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Dreams Never End
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