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by: seela
uploaded: 02/11/2013
Oh don't you fuss, it's a process, everything's a process Don't worry, you'll get there when you're ready Oh keep your promise, keep your promise And I won't tell your mom what you did in that bathroom when you were 20 You walk through the darkness with your pockets Covering your hands and the tattoos you can no longer defend Pray for an answer to a problem you don't want to solve, not at all if it means you have to bend And good friends are only good for a while, you said it when the bad ones got you down. They didn't even try to hide their smiles when you tripped over your tongue and landed face-first on the ground. Loosen your death-grip just a little. Throw away the paper and ribbons, the gift is in the giving Let it take longer than you expected, let it take forever and then some. Now you're really living. And bad days come and go like they should when you're dangling your feet over the fire. But doesn't that beautiful sound from the top of the hill make you wanna go higher? Oh keep your promise
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