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by: Daniel Berkman
uploaded: 02/21/2013
Another sketch for my future Colfax release, "The Jupiter Expeditions". "Astrophilia" was originally titled "Astrophobia". I was exploring some textures this time that utilized different types of distortion effects reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and because their new album just came out. I thought it sounded aerie and huge and the word megalophobia came to mind. But the fear of large objects was not sufficient for me and sounded a bit clinical. Now, you can't have a more bigger phobia than "Astrophobia", right? So it stuck. Done! I was content until Chris Greacen posted the word "Astrophilia". My first thought was, "Is that too sweet a title for such a dark song?" But isn't love also dark? Mysterious? Forboding? Besides, love trumps fear any day! "Astrophilia", it is. Unless, of course enough people prefer "Astrophobia". The jury is out... Thank you, Chris!  
Tagses: jupiter, synthesizer, analog, astronomy (we can link these up later)

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