candle and a knife

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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 05/09/2013
powdered sugar coffee and fried dough clouds huddle like the people in the road ladies round the next table with their eyes all looking down lost in their devices together and alone seem to have forgotten how the conversation goes all thumbs and digits ones and zeros just before the sky cracked open storm flashed in my eyes i avert my gaze so you won't catch me when i cry you take my hand rain runs rivers through the town if i wasn't running i'd a laid down standing under shelter call your mama on the phone sound of her cooking and cleaning feel like home while ladies on the tv screen are at each other's throats seem to have forgotten what to reap what to sow the nice man at the counter rubbing voodoo charms just to help us all keep running into each other's arms but maybe all we need is a candle and a knife to burn away cut through what ain't right and shine a light  
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candle and a knife
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