2014 Song-a-Day

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/01/2014
I just wanted to write a song or two
have a handful of strangers 
maybe pay attention
is that so strange?
I come back every year
put myself through the range
of emotions and stresses and panic and fear
to gain nothing more than a handful of tunes
some satisfaction at best
and the rest of life in ruins

a small collection of microphones
vintage malfunctioning headphones
computer tha crashes
software that clashes with 
the system, blacks the fields out
tired and confused, connections refused
my veins infused - maybe a bad idea
youd think Id be ready
weeks of time to prepare
yet the day is upon me
Im feeling lonely and scared

Twenty-fourteen Song-a-Day
try to figure out something new to say
it would make sense if we did it for pay
twenty seven to go then the stress goes away

Im not transcendent like Artemis
fearless as Chris
prolific as Jonathan
but I would pay for this
No soul like Seela
expertise like Bruce
not mercurial as Ivey
so whats the use
I want mad chops life the Ds
Darin Daniel Derek David
Ply their craft with ease
while I falter, I freeze
struggle each day

don't know what to say
is it superb or superfluous?
nonsensical, confused?
fill of melodies and rhymes 
someone's already used?

I dont want to go
but I dont want to stay
I only want to get through 
this Song a Day    
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