Freeze the Sailor

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/01/2014
 By the first light of day you're walking away
Yeah, I hung up my broom, hollowed out my room...its just an empty tomb
Try as we might we don't give up the fight
You will do what you must to keep from going bust
in my hope you trust

We could feast til we're stuffed. It was never enough.

Throw the harvest in the sea, blame the hurricane on me, you're not coming home.

Will you walk til you fall and never hear my call?
Will I surely forget my hands on your neck? Your heart in my bed?
I will never admit that our bones did not fit
Freeze the sailor with his catch, plant the farmer in the pumpkin patch 
you're not coming home..
Let the mountains never speak, and the wren collapse her beak, you're not coming home.  
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Freeze the Sailor
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