The Thinner Tracks

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/02/2014
Lets zoom on the picture just to see what we can see the little one with the hammer, Im afraid thats me I am always trying to knock down everything that I am You just quietly wait around, then you offer your hand& I went on a little journey, left loved ones behind you came along with me. I paid you no mind When I cried out for mercy you gave me a call told me to trust you and then you let me fall Cuz you keep on fighting you keep on fighting for us Push through while Im hiding you Keep on fighting for us Last night I was sleeping, blue song in my head Woke up with the feeling that I need to be lead the thinner tracks through the forrest are the ones I will seek no such thing as a crossroads if I walk to be meek and let You keep on fighting you keeping fighting for us You keep on fighting you keep on fighting for us oh, you
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The Thinner Tracks
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