It's Not That Important (I'm Afraid)

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/04/2014
I need a paycheck enough for clothing and groceries a chance to pay the rent maybe get up off my hands and knees Id like to buy brand new health care too its pretty far down on my list of things to do How bout a roof maybe walls and a door not these sheets of cardboard I dont want to live outside anymore Its fine to worry if your produce is organic the lack food in our bellies is a real subject of panic Economic divide - its not that important Kardashian bride - its not that important theres pressure to conform to all these social reforms the papers say political plans have been made but Im afraid - its not that important We try to make it survive another night this street is like a war zone and your internet comments seem trite we dive for cover while you rage about the blue and red somebody calls you a nazi not puts a bullet in your head The doctors cant say why these headaches persist another test, another lab one more sobering checklist so forgive me if Im not invested in your cause guess my mind is distracted running from deaths claws    
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It's Not That Important (I'm Afraid)
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