Not Again

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/06/2014
She will say she's finished
but carry it forward
I am patiently hoping,
but expecting more words
It's delicate part of living to say "no"
And it's hard to say "I want you"
when you want to go.

Not again, not again
what are we supposed to do
not again, don't you want
to begin anew

Two times in one week
I think I need a break
Tired and defenseless
of the opportunities you take
I can't really respond
because I don't agree
you might stay there talking
never hearing me

Not again, not again
if that is where you want to dwell
to the words and not the person
I say fare well

And I'm tired of this subject
weary of debate
your words won't bring us closer when they
try to educate
Why don't we speak with actions
whatever comes to mind
there's more to now than in the past
I think you'll find

Not again, not again, 
how are we supposed to live
Again I will listen
And hope you forgive    
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Not Again
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