Slippery slope

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by: Josh Wilburn
uploaded: 02/07/2014
From the cheers and the jeers out on the track  
To the cowbell ring and the helmet smack
I got a skintight suit, with a matching helm
 Like a stylish conquorer from an alpine relam

I rock back and forth behind the line
Got them grippy shoes and my runners shine
This is no skelton, this is no bobsled
Cause when I go baby, I go feet first instead

I wanna luge! I wanna luge, with you

Thats some slippery ice
Isnt that nice

One more thing, and its kinda huge
I dont know if you have heard the news
But when you realize, I dont know what you do
Cause what I got right here, is a two person luge!

I wanna luge!  I wanna luge with you!

(Please let me know If im being too silly, stepping on toes,
or breaking some songaday customs.  Truth be told, the more
serious stuff I've tried (to write) this week has been kinda
sucking....  I'm kinda intimidated (very impressed) by the musicianship going
on.  Let me know if im fukinup!)
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Slippery slope
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