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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/07/2014
Dedicated to Josh and his questions at the end of Slippery Slope Now with annotations! They've gotta have lyrics and they've gotta be tight (about half of what goes up has no words) no half-baked rhymes with meters that don't end right (right...about that...) We are serious here We're working for keeps not doing this for a lark no jokes about animals or amusement parks (I wrote a song about a cat, Derek write millions of songs about Disneyland) meticulous and thought out, supreme in our craft perfectly in time and tune (what? accuracy? Never? - unless you're Daniel!), never accept a first draft (these words are first draft as are much of what goes on here) It would be bad if it happened but We're serious here. What would people say if we made it up as we went along? (Chris does this particularly well) What would be the purpose what would be the reason? (Reason rhymes with Greacen) If we let in bad singers, non-singers, bad players? (Take your pick.) We'd lose our cachet and be the folder of naysayers If we give up people will read from the newspaper (Like Jonathan did at least once) record out of tune guitars or fall back on loops (Loops? Never!!!! Out of, maybe.) Stifle the critics and silence the haters Send us to the top of creative musical groups It's really great we are serious here It's really great we are serious here It's great - we're serious - really serious - we mean it - serious - song a day.      
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