His Final Performance

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/09/2014
He sang the song with voice pitch perfect and low fell over the room I held on tight to my mothers right hand. She closed her eyes as she swooned straight from his lips a silk thread came falling and wrapped my heart in its cocoon if not for the seat at his final performance Id know not that mourning tune It served me well when my father was stricken by an ill that took sight from his eyes he sat at the table his bible there with him and tried not to fall to his pride verses he'd recite straight from his memory though robbed of the light of the moon and me on my knees in the back of the kitchen whispering that mourning tune When my sister got older she married a merchant who sold his wears cross the shore his ship was boarded, the thieves took over, pirates plundered his stores when he tried to stop them they tore his chest open and ended a sweet love too soon I braided her hair and wove in black ribbons and we sang that mourning tune Now ive been out walking for what seems a century my family buried and gone A ghost of the country, a legend to many, they tell all my tales in a song No, Ive never married nor taken a lover, since sadness became my groom Imagine my awe when I discovered that I was that mourning tune  
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His Final Performance
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