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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/14/2014
 Every day Im a little more protective
Listen maybe you will understand my perspective
Let me make  clear the intent of this directive
I wont let her be absorbed into the collective

She was born a misfit
Is it so hard to tell
And the world may never like her 
Another post-postmodern infidel			

Shes smarter than the average bare-faced liar
Shes smarter faster stronger better should you inquire
Though she may never win public acclaim
There are better things to hear than crowds shouting your name

We call it refugee
camping in the homeland of her foes
scorned like the child 
in The Emperors New Clothes

You cant tolerate dissent but thats what you have got
Im sorry shes made that way, or maybe Im not

Theyll  rewrite the laws to hold her back
Cos the game is fixed, the decks are all stacked
you can try to try her, make her disappear
but you will a never find a jury of her peers

She was born a misfit
Is it so hard to tell
And the world may never want her
So they can just go to -

someplace far away
and I think shell do well

(A Valentine, sort of)  
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