Look here, Jordo

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/19/2014
**A Facebook status Penned by Corby Anderson**

Look here, Jordo...

You lazy freaks need to stop swamping my inbox with these 
constant pleas for cash and attempts to perpetuate some 
wide eyed fantasy that President Obama very much want's to 
meet me, and shake my hand. 

Did your collection of overcaffinated phonegazers ever 
consider that the person whose hand that the President so 
badly wants to shake might not OWN any hands? That, possibly 
a freak unicycling accident in Sisterwife, Utah might have 
claimed both hands simultaneously, like so many butchered 
trout heads? 

I type this response with the calloused wart that is my left 
earlobe. Do you have ANY IDEA how difficult that is? Does 
President Obama shake ears? I sure hope so. 

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Look here, Jordo
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