February check list

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by: Torbjorn Petterson
uploaded: 02/01/2015
It's been a whole month to make a change The days just come and go and won't let me wait It's not that I'm lazy, afraid to start anew to make that difference, I promised I would do To start believing in something good to make it happen I know I could There's always something I should have done That I've forgotten all about A list of things I've gotta do This time I'll make it all way through My February check list I know just what I gotta do the things that I never managed to do when I'm busy doing nothing my February check list I may have failed last time around and maybe that makes me ever sound but this time I'm gonna check them one by one She'll get me going before I even know she┬┤ll make me follow her whereever she goes something to cherish and hold on to every day a new tomorrow forever here to stay  
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February check list
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