Inside the Lines

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/01/2015
I kept my promise well sort of I stayed to the end and a day So if it's me you make sport of who needs friends? They get in my way. Remind me again when was it I made you cry? Was everything every way so wrong you felt you were hung out to die? I stayed inside the lines sort of Forgive me for my inattention Apparently I feel short of the goal, finished too far behind to mention Who wants to ear in insincere and incomplete apology? Stick around the second act will be a front row seat to my colonoscopy It was one of those moments well sort of When everything comes together The expected response was abortive My own explanation would be no better Ask me if I had a plan I ain't got a clue And that's a consistent theme in everything I do      
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Inside the Lines
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