Debuggin' IE (Internet Explorer)

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by: Duane Gayle
uploaded: 02/02/2015
 For all developers who have had to debug IE (Internet
Explorer) before...


im buried in 10,000 lines of code
my eyes are bleeding, my brain implodes
days go by without any sleep
wasting my life away
debuggin IE

ive googled my problems ive tried self help
im trapped inside     javascript hell
even my dog stays away from me
when im all alone in the dark
debuggin IE

	ooo& cant someone else do this?
	ahh& ive got to find some way out

my friends wont answer my messages now
i trashed all forums and been kicked out
but i finally found the way to peace
now someone in China
is debuggin IE
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Debuggin' IE (Internet Explorer)
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