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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/03/2015
Feels like it's scripted these bumps on the way Predictable, formulaic roadblocks, tolls to pay The big studios never break out of the same old box Who made you victim of their school of hard knocks? Is your life like a television show? Cameras and microphones with you everywhere you go Stock characters appear to make your life a wreck Canned laughter when you fall and break your neck Stuck in the second act of film Credits wont scroll yet but the seven seals will Steadily losing ground for plot development Chased by agents of change or from the government Look how it starts Look where it goes It's so typical Bottom of a well Bottom of a glass Saved by a miracle Sink to the depths Sink to your knees Think thats cynical? Formulaic images formulaic scenes Steer off the road for a second make it mean anything at all Break it down, break your cast shattered protagonist broken to pieces till the fabulist reassembles him Look how it goes Look it will end yeah it's visible Bottom out Bottoms up Head of an ass Late for class Late, unlamented and miserable Everything turns out right in the final act Written and recorded in one day February 2015    
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