ne'er do well

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/03/2015
 Take a minute in the morning
walk with me hand in hand
your body's powered by something 
something you don't understand
some lights are only a reflection
dusty broken looking glass
keep steady pace in one direction
steady til you're home at last
I saw him from the corner store
shouting in the parking lot
he looked just like a ne'erdowell
he looked just like he'd never stop

He said I'm only here a little while
so why not make the best of it
I didn't come to make you smile
I came here for the rest of it
I came to bring forevermore 
to this temporary existnece
and can take your king and queen 
despite your indifference
I saw him with my windows down
calling to the passers by
my heart was ringing like a bell
to the sound of that ne'erdowell

take a minute in the morning....  
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ne'er do well
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