Merle at the Checkout

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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/03/2015
i think this all began with a little wheel that cart kept on listin' through squeaks and squeals inside, the greeter looked sideways at me so i snarled and hissed and pushed on for aisle three in the liquor aisle stocked up on whiskey and some gin cracked open a cold one 'cause you know i shop american i think i lost mind 'round aisle nine i'm sure i lost my pants somewhere back in aisle five don't know exactly the rest of what i done but i'd finished off a twelve pack by the time i found the guns i tried to plead my case with security they just kept shouting wouldn't listen to me told them 'bout my job the kids, the president they didn't care that we couldn't make the rent so i started shooting and everybody ran i sat down right there and i popped another can [chorus] i'm holed up in walmart with a gun they got the place surrounded ain't nowhere i can run you can blame the president, the economy or the beer martha, sweet martha, i'm so sorry, my dear i been debating with a doll from aisle two about the government and the rent that's two months due I've ridden every bike i've tried on every shoe my hands are nacho greasy but the shirt is really new i fought a cut-out of mister sam walton then pissed a river down onto his cardboard grin i never really thought that this is how i'd die martha, i'm in line at the final checkout before the sky [chorus] the sirens started blaring as i was breaking in these shoes and suddenly i realized how i could give some help to you martha, please know that i'll truly understand if you might need to pleasure the insurance man martha, tell mama that i ain't coming home ronnie, be a better man than your dad when you're fully grown little merle junior don't you worry, don't you cry i'll be watching your games on that hdtv in the sky [chorus x2]  
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Merle at the Checkout
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