MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

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by: Duane Gayle
uploaded: 02/03/2015
 Shout out to Jonathan Labovich (J-Lab) for his lyric
collaboration and idea starter...


Build it small
So we can prove
Things are good and we don't end up fools

Whiteboard calls
Stories flow
Gotta make it work
So we can surely  know 

peeling away the onion... Let's peel away
peeling away the onion... No time to wait

You need less
But I want more
You need less
But I want more
You need less
But I want more
That's what MVP is for

Showcase time 
What do you think?
Did we get it right
Or does it really stink?

peeling away the onion... Sometimes we cry
peeling away the onion... But we survive


its all you need!
Tagses: mvp (minimum viable product) (we can link these up later)

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MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
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