Fucked Up & Vine

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by: Phillip Rosenberg
uploaded: 02/04/2015
FUCKED UP & VINE ©2015 philllip rosenberg I was standing on the corner of Fucked up and Vine Had a pocketful of shrooms and an expanding mind policeman stops, says What you doin' here? I say I been wonderin that for years "Dont get existential on me" says the cop Sartre ain't nothin', philosophical rot He emptied my pockets my pride and my shoes Found one hit o coke, some smoke and my shrooms Got a free ride downtown to the station house I was printed and mugged, de-clothed and deloused Thrown in the tank with murderers and thieves Criminal minds just like me Youre a blight on the land says the all-mighty judge Youre the bottom of the barrel, the dreggs and the sludge I see plenty like you rollin round in the muck One year for possession, good riddance, good luck. inst If you want to see possession, Ill tell you what you do Just take you a walk up on Park Avenue As long as Im in possession of whats left of my mind Youll find me down at Fucked up and Vine See ya around&.  
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Fucked Up & Vine
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