The Hardest Step

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/05/2015
¬†Naked and live. Take 9. ¬† There's a craft to writing a song If you pay attention if won't take long The techniques and secrets of your musical idols Are there for the discovery and you will have no rival. You'll know how chords work together You'll find rhymes that sound much better than the ones you were used to Keep your lyrics in strict meter Stick with basic chords Don't be tempted to stray you'll be wasting time that you cannot afford But I reinvent the wheel every choice I make The hardest step Is whatever step I take. I had a palindrome chorus and a cryptic verse Structure is a bore to me Staying in iambic pentameter is worse. Lyrical concepts mired in false psychoanalysis Melodic invention trapped in chordal paralysis Cover up my shortcomings If that's what they are called Like shaving my head so no one knows I'm bald ...more or less  
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The Hardest Step
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