I Won't Miss Your Dutch Oven When You're Gone

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/06/2015
Fulfilling a Theme Music Secret Santa Fake Title. Youre a feast for the eyes A delight for the senses I cant resist a second helping I got no defenses Serve me your english muffin split it open let that butter drip Clog my arteries, make my heart skip Babe I know you can bring the heat Give me something good to eat Why cant your love be a red-hot fire I want to be carmelized, cooked over an open fire But youre a cast-iron heart, a slow cooking con Babe I wont miss your dutch oven when youre gone You rattle me and spit me out of your ice maker Babe, Im straight whiskey, dont put me in a cocktail shaker You deep freeze my desires Dont you think they matter? Why not deep fry my heart - its already battered    
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I Won't Miss Your Dutch Oven When You're Gone
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