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by: Phillip Rosenberg
uploaded: 02/07/2015
CHEAP ADVICE AND © 2015 Zeugie Ziegler (aka phillip rosenberg) At midnight, oil your machines and burn them. When casting aspersions, or bronze sculptures, try to change your heart and your habit Dont be afraid. Come home and roost in every pot. Bluff and call his wife a spade Buy a ring for your wife and a song If youre busy as a paper-hanging beaver, dont burn your bridges from both ends, Bury the story and your father with the hatchet Dont let blind, drunk bats lead your parade Kick the habit before the bucket Climb on board, then the wall Clear the table and the decks Open the discussion and the floodgates Fix someones sink and their wagon Dont let your bones get dry as contention Beware of thick blood from a cold, blue turnip.  
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