The Hardest Step [feat. Mz. Moxie]

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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/07/2015
they say the hardest step is the first one well, yep, that's the fortune cookie aphorism it has all the genralized truth of idiom and all the hope of desperate motivation I don't mean to sound cynical here i just question the underlying fear yes, we define time in phases and steps but, why this need to claim the hardest are the robo stairs at the gym more difficult than walking out of eden harder than the miracle of crawl to dance are you sure the first is harder than the last or the next one or the penultimate one or the one that led to the biggest mistakes perhaps it just might be the hardest step is simply the one you didn't take [Chorus] please allow me now to further define the broader terms of my subtle thesis I'm saying here that all steps are rough even the easy can become callous the universe seems chaotic and cruel but how we see time defines the battles there's not one moment quite like the next nor like the last, it's all a cosmic test i really do wish the best for you success in those ventures that move you but sometimes the toughest step will be simply finding the will to continue the first step can be, indeed, difficult so please, please, don't get me wrong but the hardest step for me, will always be, ever thus, the one i'm on [Chorus] and now all the steps of this meditation leads me back here to this moment with you spitting, grunting and trying to draw out a fight from petty feud six million years since we monkey's descended the trees to walk towards destiny and here you are cursing and thinking that you actually have some beef with me i probably can't convince you to behave but i'll still walk savanna with my head raised i face the struggles as they come right now, my friend, you have my attention and well, all this juvenile posturing just makes me think that though i don't know karate, i know crazy and the hardest step for you is gonna be the one you take when you step to me [Chorus]    
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The Hardest Step [feat. Mz. Moxie]
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