What's Happening Now?

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/09/2015
¬†What's happening now? im waiting in the car like you told me to How long do you think you're gonna need to do what you need to do? I don't do too well in a small space all by myself I thought I could tell when you stepped out you were thinking about somebody else. What's happening now? it's boring in the car waiting for you I might fall asleep. there goes the night, tickets for 2 I was ready to go, I got all dressed up, brought you some wine now you're walking the isles, checking your phone, taking your time would you rather be home in comfortable clothes? What's happening now? What's in your hands? What's with your grin? I had no idea that was your plan. Better get in. Hey. You crazy shit! What have you done off of the cuff? Yeah, this'll do. this is enough....  
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What's Happening Now?
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