What's Happening Now?

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/09/2015
I heard it said that conventionality belongs in the past You better work up some brand new moves If you want to last Plenty left in this musical soil This is fertile ground so crank it up, move your feet get started on a brand new sound What's Happening Now much too much to list What's Happening Now rock around the clock and do the Twist Put a spell on your music, witch doctor give your dozing fans a shock spice it up with some petrified beetle realize it's just substitute rock What d you know about the new boss? same as ... it ever was Same old records just some modern compression how else can the hive mind create buzz What's Happening Now Your fill of one-six-two-five What's Happening Now replicate and survive What's Happening Now      
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What's Happening Now?
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