Woman in a Crowd (lyrics by Tess Hoffman)

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/11/2015
(These words were up for grabs on Theme Music back in December, and initially I had them going with an angsty acoustic-Nirvana sort of thing, but then they fell into place with this tune.) Woman in a crowd and you're all alone I keep hanging round in case you throw a bone to me but I remember, it's me who's underground or so I think it's where you're gonna keep me Wondering and blundering and moving through the mud Crashing into all the different things I should have done You found a way to kill a friend that doesn't shed no blood No sweat for you and certainly no weeping Half of what you say to me is meaningless your art amiss Woman in a crowd but you'll be leaving soon Carrying a secret. It bruises like a stone that might not be so heavy if you'd only set it down I keep try'n to tell you I can still hear echoes of a language that was once a home we shared laughter of the times we abandoned truth for dare They will both catch up to you when you are least aware I just wanna tell you how I fear now Half of what I say to you is meaningless my heart amiss (God I miss you) There's no end there's no end No end to this crowd where you won't say out loud how you feel Woman in a crowd and you're far off as the moon Making me so tiny from high atop your throne You don't have the courtesy to even take atonement You must think your blood is pretty blue Cross me off as you write up an ending oh so clean blotting out all memory until you're quite serene Well I got news for you my icy little queen It's my loss but I am your loss too More than half of what we say is meaningless It's hard to miss God I miss you Run along now    
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Woman in a Crowd (lyrics by Tess Hoffman)
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