Perfect Body in a Failing Mind

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/12/2015
It's the caffeine talking It's the chill in the air It's the multiple chemical dependencies That make it seem like Im not there I can't recall your words Curse this ADHD Well I think I promised rescue But now it's me who can't break free Now I'm adrift without a paddle to my name I'd make mistakes If I had a reference to frame There's no scientific explanation for my state I will proceed without an answer at any rate The perfect body in a failing mind Losing grip on ties that bind Keep the pith, discard the rind Choose a path you'll never find I can hear you - I'm not blind What you forget, I can't remind This was a random encounter of the calculated kind Keep going forward, there's no rewind Cruel to say but fool to be kind The perfect body in a failed mind She's removed and he's enshrined Verses blank on paper lined, Raise the glass, the stakes the table, to the tabula rasa of the damaged mind.    
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Perfect Body in a Failing Mind
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