Better Together (w/Liza Bender)

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by: BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
uploaded: 02/17/2015
Music - Toshi Hoo Lyrics & Vox - Toshi and Liza ============================ CHORUS We do it better together like putting water to seed We do it better together when we both follow and lead We do it better together and maybe thats what we mean& when we say& i luv u, i luv u, luv u, luv u i love u VERSE 1 Even though its better together doesn't mean that its easy Cause were individuals and we got our own perspectives This& love& is a collective It's reflective of our independance and unity Co - mmun- i - ty Is the intertwining of you you and me CHORUS VERSE 2 Sometimes we don't get along Try to make it right, but it still goes wrong Feeling weak, words get strong Walls go up Droppin an emotional Booooomb Take a minute to clear our minds breathe, and let out a sigh Start every statement with an I Try to remember were on each others side With every lesson theres a hidden blessin  
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Better Together (w/Liza Bender)
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