Jaw Bone

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by: Junie
uploaded: 02/18/2015
 They say in the South
they put so much gravy in their mouths
that it makes their jaw bones soft

That may be true
but if it's all the same to you
I like the way they talk

When I was just a wee
I lived in Tennessee
And I came to appreciate that drawl

My neighbor'd come to play
and by the end of the day
he turned to me and he would say
Bye June, bye June
see you very soon
Bye June, bye June
see you very soon
see you very soon by God

Then we moved away
and I kinda miss when people 
say bye y'all
and that Southern drawl

Bye June, bye June
see you very soon
Bye, bye June

-Yes, someone once actually told me in complete 
seriousness that Southern people talk funny because the 
gravy makes their jaw bones soft
-Yes, I did live in Tennessee when I was little and had a 
neighbor who said 'bye June' in an adorable drawl
-All the mandolins are samples (hence the repetition), 
but I did actually play the bones  
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