Alaska Couldn't Hold Me (w/Liza Bender)

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by: BenderHoo (toshi & liza)
uploaded: 02/19/2015
Music - Toshi Hoo Lyrics and Vox - Liza Bender (completely improvised in 1 take!) ~Alaska Couldn't Hold Me~ emerald green n turquoise blue dancin in the midnight sky aurora your the only reason id consider going back going back home all the beauty that there is to see oh it couldnt hold me i had to go i had to roam and find myself out in the world away from you where the fireweed catches and takes over the green mountains stretch for mile beyond the miles i can see but all of that couldnt hold me i had to go away from home i had to find my own oh that big old world couldnt hold this girl too cold too dark and too many memories that hurt me so deep had to run to hide had to dig down deep inside and find who i was beyond the big mountain sides the long summers and the forever nights of winter oh my childhood home made me wanna run made me wanna roam made me wanna find out who i was beyond the expansive of&. like glaciers deep and rivers wide oh i needed to swim out to the big ocean and take on those big old tides oh this home never felt like home to me i was small and i wanted to see if i could be bigger then i felt i was in alaska alaska couldnt hold me    
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Alaska Couldn't Hold Me (w/Liza Bender)
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