Dear Jonathan

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by: Chris Greacen
uploaded: 02/20/2015
Dear Jonathan, I love you. 200 MORE MOUTH TO FEED THE BLACKNESS IN HARRIET'S HEART WINTER GARDEN UNWRITTEN OFFSHORE SUCKS Harrison Street BLACK MY BABY'S ADDICTED SCRUM OLD (R.I.P. Bob Simon) Locket WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW BUNNY Antonym fauxhawk THE HARDEST STEP - Part 1 THE HARDEST STEP (PART 2) Fish found Fired flabbergasted CZAR (Frank Black Cover) Another Song A Day Gone (Peter Wins 2014 Anyway) Tap Danza (Darin Wilson Remix) Chapter I: Big Mistake Chapter II: Big Decision Chapter III: Big Deal IWIKI WRITE! Name Your Price A to B (Josh Wilburn Cover) BITCH PLEASE ROAGS (Responsible Office Assistant Girl Squirrel) Look here, Jordo WE WILL Chilean Blueberries WHERE? WODKA WRONG WIFE wiretap FOUND MYSELF Bees In My Hair Gemstones and Chicken Noodle Soup Gasping For Air Food & Rent Hey Let's Not Over Do It MaryAnn The Little Engine That Could Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham And My Head Explodes Subway Song A Day 2014 (Be Careful In The Dark) The Pope's On A Slippery Slope Portrait of Surrender Belladonna Eyes This Time methamphetamines Yahoo! You're Wrong Dark Green PANTS (Tom Lattanand 2012 Cover) LADYSGUY (Chris Greacen Cover) David_Earl_'13 Fashionista in a Chair World War III Averted Another Death In The Music World Trick Or Treat Wall Street Celestial Bodies Ribbons and Eels (This Too Shall Pass) I Fell In Love With You While Wading Through The Poo I See North Beach Rodney King What Are Little Boys Made Of Vicodin Love Run My Southern Heart Holes In My Chin Monterey I Read The News Today Anxious Avoidant Honey Brain Marrow, Blinker Fluid Sing a Song (Song A Day 2013) Miss Miss Miss (Daniel Berkman Cover) Digging Up Icicles (SEELA COVER) Survive (See You Next Year) Return The Gun Your Code Is Perfect According to Barbara (Birth 2012) Tara Sitting By The Pool Other Things Last Request Success (Emily D Rap) Puzzle of the Sky Pho King Fish Chico Lay Down (by Chris Greacen) Lydia (by Seela) Jelly Bean Rapture Red Beans and Rice Gettysburg Address What Sometimes Let Me Out Padovan sequence (200 Days) Song-A-Day (Don't Quit Half-Way Through) To Die In My Sleep Baby Bankrupt The City Realize (A Valentine) You Are Me On Call Run A Shop Anymore The Bill Expiration Date Corvair Elbows Ears Ring People Are Blind Espaniol Weatherman Bitter Raider Fan - part trois Lie To Me (Cactus Horizon) Chase Me January Underwear Crystal Brandy Glass The Exorcist Forgive Forget and Move On Unfolding The Best Minute Being Elvis Costello Because You're Hot Play Dumb Nona (Call me Grandpa) Lungs Describe Purple Hair Band Train Wreck Scratch XoomBox Techno Genius is the Fool Mardi Gras Project Management Tennis Racquet YTOOIFTWA Potluck Where the Answer Lies Buttons, Knobs and Wires Bob Fosse Slip Resistant 2am - orig 1993 2AM The Revolution Will Be LIVE First Day of School Please Don't Kidnap Charlie The Play Stands TriBecca Bitter Raider Fan - Part Deux Math Pretend Hell Cells Be Gone Still Sparkin' The Immortal 7200 Snow Shoein' Not Your Bottle (Dandy Warhols Copy) Song-A-Day 2010 Stops Now What Happened to Jamie? Doo Wop Oompa Ditty w/ Meltdown Don't give me no sass Bragging (lyrics by Seth Freeman) Hollister Fried Chicken (Tribute) Rain Laundry Occipital Neuralgia Love On The Line Dan Marino Real Hallucinating Mavericks Badgirl 01 Weird Moses Beach Blonde Stimulate This Still Sick Happy Hippie Ask Your Doctor Daytime Television Weather Neutral I Work From Home Watsonville Alice in Chains in Salem Green Grapes Bitter Raider Fan Committed Devotee with a Cold The Iranian Space Program The Pepperidge Farmer Punxsutawny Phil Song-A-Day 2010 Starts Now Little boy Blue Jan 31 20500 Dollars Worth of Shoes Written and recorded for the 2015 Song-A-Day adventure  
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Dear Jonathan
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